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Master stock market trading with Wall Street legend Dick Diamond’s stock trading course.

Richard "Dick" Diamond has been trading for a living for over 35 years. This Market Mentor can help the beginner and advanced Day-Traders and Swing-Traders hone their skills and develop a practical approach to trading. His stock market trading course has helped over 1,000 students learn his trading discipline. Diamond has expertise in trading OEX options, S&P/Nasdaq futures and Dow/Amex/Nasdaq equities.


Invest In Your Success


The Key To Success

Diamond has found that the following components of successful trading can be effectively taught to students during a focused tutoring course:

Trading Principles
Trend Analysis/Background Preparation
Short-term Technical Analysis

Learning from this industry veteran can accelerate a student's learning curve. In fact, he strongly believes that if he had received his teachings and lessons at the beginning of his career he could have accelerated his trading progress by as much as 20+ Years!

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